372 000 People die from drowning EVERY YEAR!

While drowning is a leading cause of death worldwide, particularly in low- and middle-income countries, prevention is possible. Evidence shows that a range of interventions are effective at preventing drowning. Among others, these include the strategic use of barriers to control access to water, provision of safe places such as day care centres for pre-school children, and teaching school-age children basic swimming skills (Margaret Chan, Director-General WHO)

WHO Global report on drowning (2014)

Our Misson

The Dutch Don’t Drown Foundation will reduce the number of drownings of young children worldwide by developing and making available the only vaccine against drowning, swimming education. The focus is on areas in the world where knowledge about learning to swim is not or insufficiently available and where parents or governments cannot finance this themselves.

Current Project: PORT ELISABETH 2021

In early June we traveled again to South Africa, in Port Elizabeth we piloted our new method to teach children the basics of water safety in a short period of time. This method has been developed in combination with the Fibby® – an innovative flotation device that allows children to stay safer in and around the water – and also teach them important skills in a fun way.
Later this year, the Fibby® with the method will be launched worldwide. The Dutch Don’t Drown Foundation is now looking for suitable pilot projects in Africa and South East Asia.

We are looking for volunteers and projects.

Do you want to help us prevent drowning worldwide?